What is MT4 error 4109?

The MT4 error 4109 is one of the most common errors encountered by Expert Advisor (EA) users. The generic meaning of this error code is Trade Is Not Allowed, which means your EA cannot send an order to your broker server.

After you activate an EA on a chart, the software automatically starts looking for trading opportunities. The MT4 verifies if the bot is allowed for an automated trading operation whenever it requests an order.

MT4 error 4109

The emoticon at the top right of the price chart shows how your expert advisor is doing. A sad emoticon suggests the system is not allowed for trading due to a system setting issue. When you see a smiley emoticon, it means your automated trading system is perfectly up for live trading.

Why does an MT4 error 4109 happen?

You may encounter an MT4 error 4109 due to the following reasons:

An issue with the MT4 settings

If your MT4 is not allowed for automated trading, it will show the error 4109. Since automatic trading is risky, the platform keeps the feature disabled. For instance, if you accidentally activate an EA and are unaware of it, the system may initiate auto trading without your concern. So, the MT4 leaves it up to you to decide whether you want to activate the feature or not.

Your EA is disabled for live trading

It might be another reason why you are receiving the “trade is not allowed” message. Some EA requires manual activation of the live trading option. If you don’t enable the bot for live trading, your system will stop accepting orders requests.

Does your broker allow auto-trading?

Nowadays, almost all the professional broker allows auto-trading. However, by any chance, if your broker doesn’t allow automatic trading operations, the system will be sending the same error code. Sometimes, the availability of such trading facilities depends on the type of account you choose to open with the broker.

How to fix MT4 error 4109?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Fix Trade Is Not Allowed Errors

  1. Enable automated trading in MT4 settings

    Click on Tools, then select Options. Next, click on the Expert Advisors tab to avail the systems installed in the MT4.

    Tick on the Allow automated trading option to enable your system to receive order calls from the EA. Besides, you can choose to disable the feature when you change your trading account or profile. Once you complete the settings, click OK.

    MT4 Error 4109 chart

  2. Enable live trading in EA settings

    Select the Navigator menu and expand the Expert Advisors tab. Next, double-click on your preferred EA. At the properties window, tick the Allow live trading option and click OK. This setting will enable your EA to send trade orders to MT4 in live markets.

    MT4 Enable Live Trading

  3. Check with the broker

    Contact your broker and make sure they allow automated trading. Also, check if this feature is available for other trading accounts. For instance, some brokers may offer auto-trading only for professional or standard account users. So, switching from a basic to an advanced trading account could be another way to get rid of MT4 error 4109.