What is MT4 error 133?

The MT4 error code 133 means your trade copier has failed to locate a currency pair while executing an order through your Metatrader platform. Such OrderSend errors are mostly experienced by traders who use auto-trading features for scalping and intraday trading purposes. The fact is, even if you use the most powerful copy trader in the world, you may still miss profitable trade entries due to such errors.

This problem can occur for one or multiple reasons. It may happen due to bad internet, restrictions from brokers, and a malfunction of the copy trading bot. In this article, we have discussed the possible reasons behind this OrderSend 133 error. Also, we have explained how to fix MT4 error 133.

Why does MT4 error Trade Disabled happen?

Different symbols by account types

If your broker uses a currency suffix and the trade copier is unable to detect it correctly then the MT4 platform shows an OrderSend error 133. Some brokers use currency suffixes for classifying trader’s access to particular trading assets based on their account types.

MT4 Bid Ask

For example, a broker uses two different symbols for Euro vs Dollar pair such as EURUSD and EURUSDm. First of all, the spreads between EURUSD and EURUSDm will not be the same. EURUSD may use regular spreads for general account users. On the other hand, EURUSDm may offer tighter spreads for the raw spread account holders of the broker. Now, when a trade copier tries to execute a EURUSD buy or sell order in the MT4 platform, it finds two different symbols of the same asset. So, the copier fails to decide which symbol to be picked and shows the MT4 error 133.

Temporary disabled currency pairs

Your trading platform may show the same error code if your broker disables trading a currency pair temporarily or permanently. For instance, a broker might not support trading exotic pairs. In such a case, if the trade copier sends a USDTHB (US dollar vs Thailand Baht) buy or sell order, the order will be automatically rejected.

Enable auto-trading in MT4

Have you enabled the auto-trading feature in your MT4 platform? Well, if you forget to enable auto-trading, your trade copier will fail to execute orders and will keep showing the error code 133. If the auto-trading feature is disabled by the broker, the MT4 platform will still show the same error code.

Slow or unstable internet connection

A poor internet connection can be another cause of an OrderSend error. The MT4 platform shows an error code 133 when a trade copier fails to activate a trade due to a bad internet connection.

How to fix error 133?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to fix MT4 Trade Disabled errors

  1. Check symbol suffix

    If your trade copier fails to activate the order due to currency suffix, then check if the copier has an option to turn off auto suffix detection. In such a case, the trade copier will only pick the general/regular symbols and will ignore the symbols with suffix.

  2. Enable auto-trading

    Enable the auto-trading option in your MT4 platform. Simply click on the “Option” menu, then click on “Expert Advisor”, and enable the automated trading option.

    Auto Trading MT4

  3. Try to open trades manually to check if the broker enabled/disabled trading on a specific symbol

    When a trade copier fails to execute an order and shows MT4 error code 133, try to open the trade manually. If it still shows the same error then your broker might have disabled trading that particular asset either permanently or temporarily. In such a situation, you need to contact the broker and check if they have applied any restriction on trading that desired instrument.

  4. Check your internet connection

    If your broker doesn’t use a currency suffix and doesn’t restrict trading the currency pair then the OrderSend error may happen due to a bad internet connection. So, check your internet connection and make sure your platform is connected well to your broker server.