What is MT4 error 4111?

The MT4 error 4111 is an OrderSend error code. This code indicates an Expert Advisor (EA) is failing to execute a sell order.

Most of the EAs are enabled for executing both buy and sell orders. When an automated trading system spots a trading opportunity, it delivers an order command to MT4. In any case, the system fails to trigger a short entry and it sends the error code 4111.

MT4 error 4111

Why does MT4 error 4111 happen?

A trading platform shows the error code 4111 for the following reasons:

An issue with MT4 settings:

Each EA comes with a default system setting. Here, you need to specify if this software is allowed for long and short entries or both. For instance, if it is permitted for long entries only, the system will still generate sell signals, but the trading platform will not accept it due to the limitation specified in the settings menu. The MetaTrader terminal will send the error code 4111 indicating a missed attempt to execute a sell order in such a condition.

An error in the programming code of the EA

If you still see the platform sending the same error code after allowing the EA for both long and short trades, then it might be a coding error. In such a case, you need to re-check the code to see if the system is disabled for automated trading.

A restriction from the broker

There are specific timeframes or conditions in the market when the broker doesn’t allow new orders. For example, some brokers don’t allow new orders when announcing susceptible news or updates regarding major currencies. In that condition, your system will still show the same MT4 error code upon receiving a sell order request from the expert advisor.

How to fix MT4 error 4111

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Step-by-step instructions to fix OrderSend error

  1. Find Experts Advisors (EA) tab

    Click on View and select the Navigation option. Alternatively, click Ctrl+N for direct access to the menu. Next, click the Expert Advisor Tab. Here you’ll find all the automated trading systems installed in your MT4 platform.

  2. Check EA Properties

    Double-click on the troubled system, and it’ll show you the system properties. If it shows Only Long means your system is permitted to take on the buy orders only. For this reason, the platform is not accepting any sell orders and sending the MT4 error 4111 (OrderSend) error code.

    MT4 error 4111 only buy

  3. Fix EA properties

    Change this option to Long and Short, which will enable the MT4 to accept both buy and sell instructions from your trading system.

    Also, make sure you’ve enabled the live trading option. If this option is disabled, then the platform will reject all types of orders. In such situations, it will show both buy and sell OrderSend error codes.

    MT4 error 4111 check EA

  4. Check the short order parameters in the MetaEditor

    The code below represents a sample of an ideal short order configuration of a MACD based EA. Ensure the system applies correct values for determining lot sizes, the number of bidding attempts, and ticket modes for activating sell orders. Also, you can contact your broker to check if there is an issue with the system’s parameter that contradicts the broker’s requirements.

  5. MT4 error 4111 fix ea code