Traders often experience “MT4 common error” issues, especially while connecting the platform to the trading server. Your trading platform is warning you that it is unable to use all types of online features like live chart updates, order executions, and Expert Advisor (EA) trading in MT4.

How to fix MT4 common error image

Both fresh and existing MT4 users may encounter the common error problem. Moreover, even if you resolve the issue, it may occur again while connecting the platform to the internet. Therefore, learning how to deal with the MT4 common error is essential to avoid unexpected interruptions during live trading.

This guide will explain what MT4 common error means, the possible reasons behind this issue, and how to fix it by taking a few simple actions.

What is a common error in MT4?

A common error in MT4 refers to a connectivity issue. It happens when the platform fails to establish a connection with the trading server due to improper login or a lousy internet connection. When the MetaTrader software encounters such an issue, it displays “common error” at the bottom right corner of the platform.

image showing MT4 common error message

In MT4, the common error is also addressed as error number 2. Once you see the message, consider your platform is not connected to the server account. As a result, you’ll not be able to see the latest updates on the chart, nor can you enter or exit an order until fixing the problem.

MetaQuotes has developed MetaTrader 4 for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android versions. So, you may experience an MT4 common error while using the platform on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to fix MT4 Common Error on Windows & Mac

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to fix MT4 Common error on Desktop (Windows/Mac)

  1. Check the internet connection status

    The MT4 will deliver the “common error” message right after launching the software when your device suffers from a bad or no internet connection. Additionally, check if the router delivers a standard signal while using a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, a lower internet speed may also cause the MT4 connectivity issue. Besides Windows 10, the same rules apply to other devices (Mac, iOS, Android) to troubleshoot the no connection problem on MT4.

  2. Review your MT4 login information

    Applying inappropriate login parameters is a typical mistake that causes the MT4 common error. Check if you have correctly input the username, password, and server name while logging in to a new trading account via your MetaTrader platform. After opening an account, brokers usually attach the server name to the user login information.
    MT4 login screen

  3. Check the control panel and antivirus settings

    If you face an MT4 no connection problem in windows 10, check the control panel and ensure the windows firewall allows the trading platform for using the internet connection. Go to control panel > all control panel items > windows defender firewall > allowed apps, and check if the MetaTrader is allowed private and public internet access.
    windows settings image for MT4 common error
    For Mac, you can allow MT4 to internet access by simply opening system preference > security & privacy > firewall options. Next, right-click on MetaTrader and select “allow incoming connections.”

How to fix MT4 Common error iOS (iPhone/iPad)

MT4 common error may also happen on iOS devices even though your internet connection is fine. In many cases, traders use incorrect login parameters that eventually prevent them from accessing the broker server. Therefore, ensure you’ve chosen the correct broker server before logging in to the trading account.

Brokers usually notify the updates through e-mail if there is a change in the server name. If you miss such an alert, simply request the broker for the latest login information.

Android users may follow the same procedure mentioned above to fix the “no connection on MT4” error.

MetaTrader 4 is not responding

Sometimes the platform may suddenly stop working or become too slow to run. You have a perfect internet connection and successfully logged in to the trading account. Still, why the MT4 is not responding?

This type of problem mainly occurs when you try loading a new indicator, system, or Expert Advisor on MetaTrader 4. Perhaps the externally sourced tool you are trying to use in MT4 is not programmed for limited data history use. So, whenever you attempt to load such an indicator or system, it starts sourcing unlimited price data and mounts an abnormal load on MT4. As a result, the trading platform suddenly stops working, showing the “not responding” message.

Since MT4 doesn’t send an error code or specify the reason behind the sluggish behavior of the platform, new users may find it difficult to bring back the platform to normal functioning. However, you can easily fix the not responding MT4 error by taking the steps below.

How to Fix MT4 not responding

1. Close all the charts currently opened on MT4 and exit the platform

2. If you require to force stop the platform, press CTRL + ALT + Delete key and launch the Task Manager. Next, Select “MetaTrader 4” from the list of on-process applications and press the End Task button.

3. Once you manage to close the software, go to Local Drive © > Program Files > MetaTrader folder > History > Default. Here, you’ll find the historical files regarding your preference on symbols and chart setups.

4. Press CTRL + A to select all the historical files and remove them by pressing the Delete key..

5. Start the platform again, and this time you’ll find the MT4 is functioning properly.

How to Verify Operation Parameters MT4

While placing a trade on MT4, you may unexpectedly get interrupted and see the message “please verify operation parameters and try again later.”

An Invalid trade parameter error may occur in your MetaTrader platform due to the following reasons:

  • The OrderSend() function has been programmed incorrectly.
  • An inappropriate setting of the slippage parameter
  • The OrderModify() function is receiving incorrect order tickets

You may consider the following steps to verify operation parameters in MT4 successfully:

1. If you encounter the error during a poor internet connection, first fix the internet connectivity, then restart the platform.

2. Make sure your EA setting matches your account limitation.

3. Check the MQL code and ensure the slippage parameter is set as a positive number.

4. Place the code “if (ticket > 0)” right above the OrderModify() codes.

5. If you are still experiencing an invalid order parameters error in MT4, ask the programmer of the EA for further assistance.