MT4 allows you to generate and view your trade history by clicking Account History in your MT4 terminal and exporting it to a .htm file.
MT4 History report generated

Time needed: 1 minute

Step-by-step instructions on how to view your MT4 trading history

  1. Go to Account History in the MT4 terminal

    Go to Account History from the Common tabs section in the bottom area of your MT4 terminalmt4-trading-history-report-1024x626

  2. Choose the timeframe

    Right-click anywhere in this section and choose the timeframe you want to see.

  3. Select report type and export it

    Select the type of report you want to generate: Save as Report or Save as Detailed Report. This will prompt you to save a .htm file mt4-history-download

That’s it! You can now open the report either in your browser or even in excel, print, or save it in any way you need it.

Important note – the time frame options for the MT4 statement report are All History, Last 3 Months, Last Month, Custom period. We suggest that you use Last 3 Months as this is the time frame we use to store pricing data on Broker Spread. We use only the last 3 months because brokers may change their spreads for some instruments over time. You should look at recent data to understand which broker provides the best spreads at this moment.